Roll up! Roll up! Mike Russell presents Strange Wonders. Strangely wonderful, wonderfully strange stories of life, death and the mystery of existence. Roll up! Roll up!

Strange Wonders is Mike Russell’s fourth short story collection.

“Everyone needs to read this! The compilation contains twelve beautifully written stories… No word of a lie, this book is a must read for all! This book could be your light in the darkness!” The Bookish Hermit

“Another amazing collection of short stories. They are all so much fun to read and enjoy. I find it amazing how the author describes so much about the character, their surroundings and the situation as well as the story itself in such a small number of words. I highly recommend all of Mike Russell’s books.” Books With Raven

“Love these surreal tales.” She Wants To Read

“Mike Russell ponders about life, death, what happens when you dream and that age old question, what is life really all about? The stories are odd. They are quirky. They are like nothing I’ve read. You are hooked in instantly, and you want to be. Trust me, get this book and read them.” Marles Henry, Goodreads

“You’re going to love this book! Another strange collection of short stories, and one that didn’t disappoint. I never know quite what to expect when reading Mike’s works, but I’m always pleasantly surprised. My favorite story in the collection was Killer Coffins. I loved the unexpected twist it took. If you are truly a fan of strange fiction, you’re going to love this book!” The Faerie Review

“Wonderful collection of tales. I actually think of these stories as surreal parables. For example, “Mr Marconi’s Conscious Machines” will make you think twice about your television, your toaster — and your place in the universe. Visit “Linda’s Light Bulb Emporium” where light and darkness can be captured. “Killer Coffins” is a strange little tale in which your coffin comes to collect you when it is your time to die. These stories and many more will not only entertain you, but probably also make you want to look around the edges of what we think of as reality. I think these stories are the literary equivalent of looking at ourselves, and our perceptions, through a funhouse mirror. Highly recommended!” J Barnes, Goodreads

“Like with everything else that Mr. Russell writes, this book was sensational. After you read each story featured in “Strange Wonders” you will want to sit and ponder what you just read. Perhaps even read it again. There is so much beauty, philosophy, and (yes) WONDER to be revealed within the pages… Yes, this book was strange. It was beautifully strange, though. It’s the kind of strange I welcome into my life. I am happy to store it on my bookshelf with the rest of Mr. Russell’s masterpieces. I highly recommend that you welcome these “Strange Wonders” into your life as well. I look forward to what Mr. Russell has for us in the future.” Miles from Colorado, Amazon customer

“Twelve wondrously strange fiction cupcakes Mike Russell serves up in this delicious collection. Mike’s explosive imagination continues to runneth over. It’s not only strange, it’s vintage Mike Russell. Highly recommended! Many strange wonders await.” Glenn, Goodreads

“A fantastically strange whirlwind visit that kept me captivated from start to finish. I enjoy reading Russell’s playful and quirky writing style, it is like nothing I have read before or since. He has a unique way of storytelling and creating characters that overcome the most bizarre situations they find themselves in… Russell’s writing is different, unusual and turns your head upside down into a snow globe, shaking it up and causing a storm before sitting back and watching the pieces slowly fall into place. A tranquil strangeness that leaves you hypnotised and chilled.” Bunny’s Pause Reviews