The latest Mike Russell book!

Roll up! Roll up! Mike Russell presents Strange Wonders. Strangely wonderful, wonderfully strange stories of life, death and the mystery of existence. Roll up! Roll up!

Strange Wonders is Mike Russell’s fourth short story collection.

“Wonderful collection of tales. I actually think of these stories as surreal parables. For example, “Mr Marconi’s Conscious Machines” will make you think twice about your television, your toaster — and your place in the universe. Visit “Linda’s Light Bulb Emporium” where light and darkness can be captured. “Killer Coffins” is a strange little tale in which your coffin comes to collect you when it is your time to die. These stories and many more will not only entertain you, but probably also make you want to look around the edges of what we think of as reality. I think these stories are the literary equivalent of looking at ourselves, and our perceptions, through a funhouse mirror. Highly recommended!” J Barnes, Goodreads