Who is Mike Russell?

Mike Russell was born in 1973. He grew up in the small village of Pulborough in the south of England. As a child, he enjoyed daydreaming, art and writing strange stories. As an adult, he enjoys daydreaming, art and writing strange stories.

 Mike Russell was awarded a Bachelor of Arts from Falmouth University and a Master of Arts from the University of Central England.

 Mike Russell’s books have been described as Strange Fiction, Weird Fiction, Weird Lit, Surrealism, Magic Realism, Fantasy Fiction… but he just likes to call them Strange Books.

He is a full-time author and artist.

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StrangeBooks are Mike Russell (author and designer) & Jay Snelling (the StrangeBooks secretary). For us, independent publishing means artistic integrity, allowing us to bring books to the reader that are beyond the mainstream. Please read the many excellent reviews that Mike Russell’s books are receiving.

We wish our readers the highest possible outcome from their reading experience.

Click on the Goodreads logo below to visit Mike Russell’s Goodreads Author Profile and see what Goodreaders are saying about his strange books:


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