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“If there’s one thing you count on StrangeBooks for, it’s an original mind-bending story.” TheGeekLyfe

“Russell’s stories are humorous, engaging and poetically direct.” BeautifulBizarre

“Simple yet wacky… funny and charming. Mike Russell seems to have mastered the art of throwing absurdities onto paper, while keeping his writing bright and interesting at the same time.” CulturedVultures

“I always look forward to Mike Russell’s work – he’s so out there that it’s refreshing.” OddlyWeirdFiction

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‘Nothing Is Strange’ is a collection of 20 mind-expanding short stories. “A unique collection of short stories that takes readers to bizarre places and lets them experience dreamlike situations that I have yet to read in other books.” Readers’ Favourite

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‘Strange Medicine’ is a fantastic collection of extraordinary tales of transformation. “Full of meaning and emotion, with an awesome front cover to go with it. Great Stuff.” Always Trust In Books

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‘Strungballs’ is a surreal, science-fiction/fantasy novella. “This is like nothing I have ever read before… a highly unique, weird and perhaps even mind-altering reading experience.” Fantasy Book Review


Mike Russell’s books have been described as Strange Fiction, Weird Fiction, Weird Lit, Surrealism, Fantasy Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Metaphysical Fiction… but we just like to call them StrangeBooks.