Discover the mystery of the two-headed rose and many more Strange Secrets in this new collection of extraordinary stories by Mike Russell. ‘It can’t be real.’ ‘But it is.’ Strange Secrets invites you to discover the magical and the marvellous. Startlingly inventive and constantly entertaining, these unique, vital and vividly realised stories will take you to places you have never been before. Strange Secrets is Mike Russell’s third short-story collection.

“5/5: Strange Secrets is Mike Russell’s third short story collection and it is another superb addition to his own genre of surreal, existential and meaningful narratives. Strange Secrets easily solidifies my opinion of Mike Russell being a visionary who is re-defining the term ‘short-story’. Russell manages to infuse so much meaning and imagery into the smallest collection of words, it is hard not to be impressed and inspired… I am fascinated to have read fiction that is so far removed from modern writing, with no recognisable influences or inspirations to be seen. Truly unique.” Always Trust In Books

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“10/10: Absolutely thrilling! The stories are uniquely strange and enthralling. They’re eerie and captivating. Once you start reading the stories you can’t stop! I think I shall truly forever be a Mike Russell fan, he tends to give me the same dark Tim Burton -esq feels and chills… The book seriously makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It was utterly amazing! And if you haven’t read these books yet, you absolutely should. Like, now.” Bibliophiles Book Blog

“5/5: I loved reading these short stories… During the course of reading every story, your mind is in a state of constant wonder as to what to expect next. These stories are completely unpredictable and keep you on the edge of your seat… Strange Secrets should definitely be on your TBR list.” Bookish Reveries

“5/5: If Rene Magritte had been a writer instead of a painter, he would have been Mike Russell. These stories have the same kind of surreal, dreamlike quality as Magritte’s paintings. I can compare him to Magritte, to David Lynch, maybe even to “The Twilight Zone” to some degree, but really, there is nobody quite like Mike Russell. These stories have a strange beauty and an outlandish wisdom (if that makes any sense). I really think he sees around the edges of reality.” JBarnes

“This short anthology was by far the most inventive thing I have ever read.” Dannii Elle

“Mike Russell continues to show himself to be a creative and insightful writer of unusual short fiction.” Cultured Vultures

“5/5: Beautifully strange stories that make you question everything… Powerful, inspiring stuff… No one can spin a strange tale like Russell… Take a daring dive into the Strange Books collection and you will soon start viewing the world from a different angle completely… I can’t recommend these books enough… It’s brilliant writing that brightens the madness surrounding our daily lives.” EJMackay of Bunny’s Pause

“The bizarre and the surreal are explored in this hugely readable collection of short stories – told with great skill and causing the reader to think, wonder, and consider the world around them… The ability to provoke a reader into examining their thoughts and feelings whilst also thrilling and entertaining them is a rare one – but one Mike Russell clearly has and utilises with great skill.” The Page Is Printed

“Where oh where do we start with a review for this book. It’s one of the weirdest things I have ever read – but at the same time it is completely fascinating. Seven stories that take you from shimmering pools to wardrobes to enchanted forests – with a wonderful trip through what reality really is in between. These are tales which aim to mesmerise… I loved each and every minute. Recommended.” Don Jimmy Reviews

“Bizarre. Weird. Surreal. Eccentric. Odd. Curious. Peculiar. For me, the brilliant masterpiece of Strange Secrets is Missing Persons: A world where ‘death’ is an outlawed word… Russell infuses his writings with outlandish and dreamlike narratives that often mask astute observations of the human world and sometimes, wildly poignant wisdom.” My Bookish Bones Blog

“5/5: The stories are journeys and those journeys are never fully over… Read Strange Stories and you WILL be changed.” BHurt

“I’m gonna be honest, I’m not entirely sure where to begin. I was constantly entertained while being simultaneously deeply unsettled. A particular aspect of Strange Secrets that I wanted to highlight is Russell’s amazing ability to paint such vivid imagery in so few words… I’m having a difficult time thinking of another author today who can achieve the same type of discomfort and mystery in their writing… I recommend this book to anyone looking for an experimental and surreal read by an extremely talented and unique author. I’m looking forward to reading more from Russell in the future” Ashley In Wonderland

“Strange Secrets is the perfect addition to Mike Russell’s strange collection of tales… In the centre of each story there is a grain of truth… As my mind took in double-ended roses and arguing lovers I couldn’t help but think that sometimes strange just isn’t as strange as one might think… My favorite story was ‘Reality’… it left me speechless in its honesty and accurateness… Let the strangeness continue.” Challa Fletcher

“There are so many fantastic, magical, and (yes) strange secrets to discover when you read this book… Like all of Mike Russell’s books, Strange Secrets is simply wonderful. Regardless what the title recommends, this book should not be kept a secret. I believe these Strange Secrets should be shared with everyone. I truly enjoyed reading this book. Mike Russell is a magician when it comes to writing fiction.” Miles Holmes at Goodreads 

“Mike Russell is one of the authors I always say YES without blinking because I love that he brings something different to the table… So, I had to read his latest book Strange Secrets. This time we have 7 stories and each one is unique, strange and somehow magical… I will continue reading his books as long as he keeps writing them.” Ruty B’s Reviews 

“This was certainly one of the most unique books I have ever read. I LOVED IT… If you love unique stories, I recommend this to you.” Nelo

“I truly can’t remember the last time I read a collection of short stories, but I’m glad I read this one! I really enjoyed it… I recommend this collection if you are looking for something unique and mind boggling. This was the first book I’ve read by Mike Russell, but I am curious about all the stories in his other ones now!” Catherine at This Is One For The Book

“Imaginative, magical, and bizarre in all the best ways. Each story had a different element that kept me glued to the pages. SeriouslyI started reading Strange Secrets during my lunch break and I couldn’t pull myself away when my break was over… If you’re looking for something interesting, unusual and thought-provoking, then I would definitely recommend this book to you!” Alexa Reads

“Another fantastic book! I can proudly add this to my growing collection of Mike Russell books!” A Aquino

“I especially enjoyed Arnold’s Melting Foot which is the strangest and most entertaining story I’ve ever read.” Pamela Scott

“Mike Russell continues his brand of offbeat fables in his third collection… The stories in this collection address philosophical questions of epistemology and metaphysics as much as they do moral and existential ones”
Cultured Vultures

“This book will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s a must-read.” Amirah at Watermelon Reads

“If you are a fan of the Twilight Zone you will love these.
From a double ended leg to a puddle of mystery. Mix that in with a wardrobe of nothingness and a horse-chestnut trees with a hole; where time and perception of anything is turned upside down. Then you have a pile of short stories that get the brain firing.” Luke Bolton

“Strange Secrets is a series of lucid dreams hovering on the line between madness and philosophy… It’s quirky and creative and funny while still having an Orwellian creepiness about it.” Blood Red Velvet Reviews

“These seven stories made me have a new perspective on literature since I didn’t know it could be this strange and interesting at the same time. Very strange, very bizarre and…unique.” Lost In Book Pages

“Have you ever woken up from a dream and been like “Whoa! That was crazy!”? At first the dream doesn’t make any sense but the longer you think about it the more enthralled you are with it. I want to share with you a collection of short stories that have that dream-like quality. You know the one where you can’t stop thinking about it… Mike Russell is an awesome author. His stories are colorful and enchanting. I can’t wait to read some more!” A Girl With A Good Book And Her Dog

“This collection of short stories is by far the most interesting thing I have ever read…  In the best way possible in this book, your sense of reality gets thrown out the window and all of a sudden, you’re on a journey of pure insanity! I want to highlight Mike’s ability to paint such vivid imagery in few words. It’s quirky and creative and funny …impressive and enjoyable and comparable to the wonderful Tim Burton.“ Lauren at Readers Enjoy Authors’ Dreams

“If you’re looking for a bit of weirdness in your life, then look no further than Mike Russell’s work…His style is refined, his stories are to the point, and everything has a magical sense of weirdness to it that knocks you slightly off-kilter…I really recommend this collection.” Sassenach Stories

“The stories here have a surreal dreamlike quality that keeps you turning the pages until the very end. This collection of short stories brings to mind the old Twilight Zone series in a good way. If you like strange, odd, off the wall stories. This collection of seven is for you.” Cassandra Parker

“Russell adds a dash of the strange to reality, creating worlds like our own that are fantastical yet plausible. I recommend it to readers who are seeking the weird or surreal free from pretension or inaccessibility.” Dave Higgins

“I’ve never read something so uniquely spooky.” Tale of a Bookworm

“I love Mike Russell’s short stories because they are like a box of chocolates, every one so very different and you are hard pushed to pick a favourite. From the disturbing to the bizarre and hauntingly sad you will find a story that stays with you. Another masterpiece of chocolate heaven for me!” Books From Dusk Till Dawn

‘Strange Secrets is full of psychologically complex mirrored realities presented in simple language… this strangeness isn’t just weird, there’s a philosophy here, with the quality of myth… Nestling at the centre of this septet of stories is a mini masterpiece that makes me feel better for having read it. This is a book like nothing I know and well worth reading.’ JF Cross

“Apart from being mysterious, these stories were also poetic and oftentimes philosophical… it makes you think about humanity and our world. Spooky, entertaining, and an awesome read.” Enthralled Bookworm

“Perfect for anyone who wants to get engrossed into a short story collection that really makes you think. Strange Secrets truly delivers on the weird front!” The Bookaholic Dreamer

“This was truly a strange read! The stories have gotten into my head, and I still ponder them after finishing the book. If you are into mystery and wild stories, this is for you. You will be left mind boggled, a little uncomfortable, and wanting more!” LFS Musings Reviews

“Strange Secrets is an anthology of 7 short stories, filled with mystery and unexpected twists in a bizarre and surreal fantasy setting. Unique, wildly imaginative… plenty of suspense and mystery, and filled with twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end.”  Literary Portals

“A unique collection of unusual short stories… had me thinking deeply about it for days after.” Bookish Beyond

“Mike’s third short story collection continues to expand the world of strangeness in ways most unique… A fictional tour de force, a rare gem not to be missed… Each Mike Russell story spins in marvellous directions well worth any reader’s time.” Goodreads Reviewer Glenn Russell (no relation)

“Quirky, creative and imaginative stories.” Joyful Antidotes

“One highly entertaining read! It was like a journey to an overall different place, a place that is unfathomable and lies beyond our imagination!… Grab your copy of Strange Secrets ASAP and visit a world full of incongruous and strange happenings!” Devyani Sen

“These outlandish tales will amuse, disturb, and fascinate.” TheSpellBookWorm

“An anthology of stories full of lunacy. Wonderfully poetic, this anthology is the perfect read for someone looking for something eerie. Mesmerizing.” WanderWithJonBookReviews

“Strange Secrets is a mind-bending collection. I mean that – this book will challenge what you consider to be the limits of reality. If you’re a fan of Outer Limits, and enjoy seeing reality from a slightly skewed angle, then you’ll find endless delight in this collection. I know I’ll be rereading this soon!” The Faerie Review

“What is really real? How do we recognise reality when we see it? How do we shape our realities with words, and labels, and our perceptions? These are fascinating questions and the author poses them via such strikingly original scenarios that the reader is left simultaneously reeling and pondering, as if waking from a bizarre nightmare which contained a kernel of unexpected truth.” BookShinesAndReadbows

“Strange yet enjoyable. Bizarre, thought-provoking, and satirical. A collection of seven short stories that discuss the nature of reality, the afterlife, and our individual perceptions of our world. If you’re looking for something unusual to read, then check out Mike Russell’s ‘Strange Secrets.’ Weird Louise Reviews

“This is another amazing short story collection written by the genius that is Mike Russell! This man has a mind of magic… I honestly don’t know how this author does it, his work is truly clever, unique and so well thought out, thought provoking and utterly astounding. The stories are put across in the most surreal but plausible ways, the worlds created here are enchanting and full of mystery, I enjoyed every minute of this beauty! A very easy 5 stars!” The Bookish Hermit 

“If you’re looking for a quick read that will expand your mind, I definitely recommend checking this out.” JenJenReviews

“This was another amazing collection of short stories. I do love being able to read these magical but strange stories. Very gripping and entertaining.” BooksWithRaven

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