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Weird and wonderful stories for all that ails you. 
Strange Medicine is a fantastic collection of extraordinary tales of transformation.

“Russell’s stories are humorous, engaging and poetically direct…With considerable aplomb, Russell tackles heavy subjects such as death, sex, relationships, and the human desire to conform… His pithy style makes for an enjoyable quick read that sticks with you for days and leaves the reader to ponder those deeper topics that are all too often pushed below the surface of our day to day lives.” Beautiful Bizarre Magazine

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“Extremely imaginative and quite brilliant.” Advocate Of Books

“The short stories of Strange Medicine are bizarre and enchanting. This is magical realism at its best, its most intriguing and unsettling.” Rustling Reads

Strange Medicine takes Mike Russell’s work to another level… This is a book that should proudly sit on anyone’s shelf as it is a brave and personal effort that just works and everyone who has read it agrees. Mike Russell tries something new and it breaks my heart and mends it over and over… Full of meaning and emotion, with an awesome front cover to go with it. Great Stuff.” Always Trust In Books

“I always look forward to Mike Russell’s work – he’s so out-there that it’s refreshing.” Oddly Weird Fiction

“They say you must never judge a book by its cover, but some books like to bend the rules, and Strange Medicine is certainly one of the game-changers. Its simple yet wacky stories are oddly brave… The title sums up the book perfectly; it’s a quirky little collection of short stories, some of which are very (wonderfully) odd indeed. I enjoyed reading these tales… they were funny and charming. Mike Russell seems to have mastered the art of throwing absurdities onto paper, but keeping his writing bright and interesting at the same time.” Cultured Vultures

“Strange Medicine is a wonderful collection of delightfully weird and strange short stories. Even Alice couldn’t imagine anything this strange when she fell down the rabbit hole. Strange Medicine is a must read for all connoisseurs of weird and wonderful things that challenge the limits of the mind!” The Faerie Review

“I raved about Mike Russell’s first book, ‘Nothing Is Strange’ last year and this new collection blew me away as well. These stories are entertaining but they also make you think – and may even make you question reality. Reading this book gave me the same feeling I have when looking at the work of such artists as Renee Magritte, M.C. Escher or Salvador Dali. Mike Russell does with words what they did with imagery. It’s amazing and completely, wonderfully bizarre stuff!” Jeff Barnes

“This collection of undoubtedly strange fiction made me think of both dystopian worlds and Alice in Wonderland!” Tacita French for GeekLyfe

“This will knock your socks off!” Seraphina Moon

“This is a collection of 8 short stories which are both amazingly bizarre and bizarrely amazing. Mike Russell’s work should have a genre of its own. I have read 3 of his books so far and this has to be my favorite. Some of these stories are funny while others will just break your heart but all of them are thought-provoking. Mike Russell is a brilliant author. Seriously, read this book.” Books & Travel Forever

“A delightfully bizarre collection of short stories. Light, dark, macabre, and funny- Strange Medicine is the perfect combination of poised prose and creative abandon.” Christen Fisher

“Weird, but in the best way possible” The Book Nook

“I really enjoy Mike Russell as an author. The short stories in this collection range from utterly surreal, to mind boggling, to ridiculously heart warming. One in particular – Mr Dennis and the Universe – got me right in the feels. I won’t go into detail but it gave me goosebumps! I’d definitely recommend the collection for anyone who enjoys weird little stories!” McMurray

“I sunk my teeth into it and came out of the other side enlightened! Mike Russell sure can write thought-provoking and strangely satisfying stories.” 5ft2review

“Perfectly unique, creative, bizarre, surreal, and absurd” Istoolfire

“A truly fantastic book! Once again, Mike Russell has demonstrated the power that short stories can have. I will always treasure these stories.” Miles Holmes

“Each story is creatively woven together, a true artist with words… The characters and their stories make you realise that there is so much more to life, the world, the universe in fact than we dare to imagine.” EJMason

“Each and every story is unique and comparable to nothing else out there. Russell brings on the strange, the bizarre and the totally mind-blowing!” AReneeHunt

“I LOVED this book…Mike Russell has mastered the art of making this wonderfully odd short story collection so entertaining that I could barely peel myself away from it. Story after story introduced one surprise after another.” CL Smart

“Mr. Russell has done an amazing job of defining his strange stories, yet still leaving us enough of an opening to further our imaginings of these little worlds he’s creating.” Kendall Mitchell

“Short, quirky and extremely strange… these stories are truly bizarre and take you on an original, creative ride.” Spiralbounds

“I found myself snort laughing on the train home from work at the unexpected absurdity of the first story; a nice touch for the book, but not so much for the appearance of my sanity to the other passengers.” SammiKM

“Unlike anything I’ve read before… Strange Medicine offered a unique experience.” OuterNerd

“I read Strange Medicine in one sitting and the 8 short stories have haunted me ever since.” MyBookishBones

“It’s just one of those books that’s so intriguing you just need to carry on reading more.” SWorthington

 “The writing is really good and the author is very talented… Each story has its own charm and is incredibly unique and original.” Quoth The Book Lover

“The powers of both imagination and communication on display here are impressive. It’s truly bizarre, surreal and even shocking in places, but always easy to read and very enjoyable… Over the course of just a few pages, you are led to a point where something outrageous can make sense and be believable. In many ways, I found it a highly transportive read and affecting experience. To me, Mr Russell seems to have a unique voice and something important to say.” BHurt

“The back cover says that these are ‘weird and wonderful stories for all that ails you’, and not only are they weird, they’re downright odd, offbeat, and strange, making them just what the doctor ordered…I always look forward to Mike Russell’s work, he’s so out there that it’s refreshing.” Oddly Weird Fiction

“These intriguing short stories are delightful exercises, surely therapeutic and enjoyable, too. There is a simplicity and ambiguity that is immediate and profound.” JFCross

“It packs a punch much heavier than its size.” Michael at Goodreads

“Wow! What a mind trip! Mike Russell has composed an assortment of short stories that make the reader shake their head, open their eyes up wide, and mutter “Wow!” Some are rather funny, some a bit scary, some a bit Kafkaesque. Russell brings to mind Stephen King but without the “scare you out of your wits” feeling. If you want to read something that will make you scratch your head, shake your head, or draw your head back in a questioning stance, try this book. I’d love to see what Russell would do with a full-length novel.” Sunnie Grant at Goodreads

“Strange Medicine blew me away… If you want to teleport into a few weird, fantastical stories, try Strange Medicine and see where it takes you… 141 pages of fun, horror, humour, and thoughtfulness. I had no idea where this book would take me (and I’m still not quite sure where it took me) but I’m so happy with the journey I found myself on. Mike Russell has an extensive imagination. I’ve never read a short story collection with such a wide variety of characters…  If you are convinced that short stories are not for you, I urge you to try this book; it’s very different from anything else I’ve read.” Hedgehog Book Reviews

Strange Medicine is the book for you if you’re tired of reading the normal stuff and wish to try something fresh.” Regina Foo

“5 out of 5 stars… Very well written short stories… Each story represents abstract conceptual problems in tangible, concrete ways. I would really recommend this book.” Thoughts In Books

“The first pages completely blew my mind… This book contains 8 surreal stories, some funny, touching but most of all: weird! They make you laugh, think and question reality.” Rob

“Like nothing else I have ever read before.” Holly’s Book World

“If you are into the unusual… then this is for you.” KeithRGR

 “I definitely prescribe this book for anyone who loves reading anything out of the ordinary!” Rachel’s Really Random Reviews

“The only way I can describe this novel is gloriously weird. Think Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman weird.” Katie Greenwood

“Give this medicine a try and be amazed at the form the cure takes – inspiration, invigoration and a fresh perspective on the world!” Whittaker

“Brilliant. A genuine work of genius.” CPouncer

“Unashamedly weird but really wonderful.” Charlie Edwards

“I enjoyed how inspiring this collection was… Some of the ideas Russell has come up with will completely hit you out of nowhere in the best way possible. There is no predicting what is going to happen next.” Sassanach

“What a ride and what a devilishly fun and diverse collection of stories. Each one progressively weirder and stranger than the next.” Hanaa at Goodreads

“Deliciously weird” Jeyran Main at Review Tales

“Hand on heart, I’ve never read anything like this in my life…I think Russell has to be appreciated for going completely outside the box, not sticking to populist writing conventions and creating something truly unique.  I will never forget reading this book.” The Book Reviewer

“I was gripped.” Constantly Caffeinated

“If you like weird or strange you will absolutely love this bizarre concoction…  Mike Russell for me is the Picasso of short stories, depending on which angle you view each one from you will find something different every time.” Books From Dusk Till Dawn

“There is no predicting what is going to happen next…The stories flow so well, both in terms of their pacing and where they appear within the collection…I greatly enjoyed this collection. I thoroughly recommend it if you are interested in something a little bit out of the ordinary.” Jo Balharrie

“Another amazing collection of stories by Mike Russell! Each story is thought provoking, funny, just plain weird and I love it! I can’t wait to read his next book.” Asriel on Goodreads

“This book just flabbergasts me, in the best way possible of course. The author has a way of telling basically a whole book’s worth of story in a short story, his writing style is incredible and brilliant. I can’t say enough good things about Mike Russell’s work! If you like all things odd and strange and even mildly disturbing…I highly suggest this book.” A Bibliophile’s Book Blog

“Strange Medicine has officially started me on a quest for more fantasy reads!
Recommended read for those fantasy biblio-lovers who look for a twist in their reads!” Dr. Ravinjit Gill

“Do you like puzzles? Philosophy? Questions about life, the universe and everything? Well, than this book is for you!” The Book Worm Drinketh

“A truly bizarre and wonderful world… His writing packs so many emotions that the characters and situations feel very real (with a unique twist of course!) An enjoyable and fascinating read.” Vincent’s Bookshelf

“Some stories make you laugh, others cry and others make you think like no other book. Another great book written by Mike Russell.” Ruty B’s Reviews

“Strange Medicine is a book filled with crazy, funny and very peculiar stories…. Reading this book felt like walking around through Dali’s world… If you like surrealism, crazy story-lines and different versions of reality, Strange Medicine is definitely the book you should read!” SKornips

“The eight stories in Strange Medicine were immersive and I felt more for the characters than I thought possible in such a short amount of time.  The stories are weird, funny, sad, thought provoking, and beautiful… The imagery that Russell used was genius…everyone will find something they can connect to while reading it. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a quick and enjoyable read that is different from anything you may have read before. ” Reading In The Wings (Diary of a Backstage Bookworm)

“Skilfully written… It wasn’t just strange for the sake of being strange, it managed to convey a deeper message through its weirdness. For me that is a perfect combination. For me this was a 5/5 book. I would take this kind of medicine every day.” Olivia’s Comfort Zone

“The stories were enchanting and kept me hooked till the end.” Bookish Reveries

“Mike Russell does not shy away from stories that are weird and fantastical in nature. He is an expert in pulling you in and leaving you thinking in a few thousand words and with imagery that is hard to forget. Highly recommend Strange Medicine.” Challa Fletcher

“I like reading Mike Russell books, you never know which direction they will take.” GemReader

“Highly recommended for fans of the weird, wonderful and thoughtful.” Gordon A Long

“Kept me thinking, turning over the ideas and feelings presented, long after I had put the book down.” Bookshine And Readbows

“A very fun escape from the mundane and normal into a world parallel to ours but quirky and nonsensical. This whimsical world of weird fiction was a joy to read, each story is individual and funny and also very short so that you can take a dip into another world on your lunch break, waiting for the bus or ‘just one more story’ in bed. Definitely recommended.” Jess

“This book is an excellent selection of short stories…quirky and exciting…they are so well written it’s unbelievable… These out of the box, bizarre, yet thoughtful stories are a great way to spice up your library or reading experience. Mike Russell is a very talented author who should definitely be in the top contenders at book stores (if he isn’t, they are crazy!).” Briar at Goodreads

“Strange medicine is an excellent anthology… these stories have their own charm… well written and while some make you laugh, others make you think” Vrinda

“I definitely recommend this collection to those who enjoy short stories, and especially if you enjoy off-the-wall kind of reads, because even the walls referred to in one of these stories aren’t quite what you’d expect.” LittleMissNoSleep

“This collection of stories brought some light into my life while reading them and I was utterly enthralled… The stories made me smile but, most importantly, they made me think.“ Joy Corkery

“Mike Russell’s Strange Medicine collection is well named. It is a weird and wonderful collection that manages to be at once heart-warming and unsettling… Many writers create weird fiction, but few manage to imbue it with heart in this way.” James at ExploringOtherwheres

“Mike Russell is back to scramble your brains!! Go and read Mike Russell’s ‘Strange Medicine’!! I believe no prescription is necessary.” Chloe Taylor

“The level of detail that he puts into his stories is unparalleled. I can always picture so vividly the things he is describing, it almost feels like I’m actually inside the world he has created. I would recommend this book to anyone.” This Is One For The Books

“A haunting and evocative world. You’ll want to be part of it!” Watermelon Reviews

“Strange, wacky, weird short stories with bite. I so much enjoyed each and every tale… Sink your teeth into these delectable literary morsels… Readers who like weird fiction, will LOVE this Mike Russell weirdest of the weird.” Glenn Russell (no relation) Goodreads Reviewer

“A mix of fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, and just plain strange… Excellent… A short palette cleanser for the mind.” Susan Berry

“Fantastically odd and whimsical tales. Extremely imaginative and quite brilliant. I urge you to try this book.” Readers Enjoy Authors’ Dreams

“Mike Russell is a fantastic writer and has a way with words. His vivid imagery pulls you into the story and leaves you wanting more… I found myself thinking about the stories and the meaning behind them days after finishing the book. So if you’re looking for something unusual to read, then check out Mike Russell’s ‘Strange Medicine.’ Great for those who enjoy zany and macabre stories and are looking for a short read.” Weird Louise Reviews

“Yet another wonderful work! Just the medicine I needed… At the end of every story, I couldn’t help but find myself contemplating them days after. I consider this one of the author’s highest achievements: the sheer ability to take over a reader’s mind. Dali had paint, Hausmann had… glue? And Russell has words.” Geek Declassified

“Mike is clearly a fantastic writer and has a way with words that is hard to match. With vivid imagery that truly pulls you into the story, they certainly are pure entertainment… Get on it! BUY IT NOW!” DonJimmy Reviews

“Just finished Strange Medicine by Mike Russell. Never ever fails to impress! These stories are so weird and wacky but I love them so much! It was definitely worth staying up for. Who needs sleep anyway!? These stories are medicine. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a little strange in their lives” Dee, For Books Sake

“I will always look forward to reading a book or collection of short stories written by Mike Russell. I never know what to expect when I first start reading one of his books. This one was just as amazing as the others I have read.” BooksWithRaven

“Russell’s imagination clearly has no limits! This book is by one of my favourite authors! You will find comfort and understanding, you will feel your mind expanding, there will be questions to ponder and they may even encourage you to make some necessary changes in your life. This is a brilliant book, written by a very clever man.” The Bookish Hermit

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