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20 mind-expanding short stories

Inspiring, liberating, otherworldly, magical, surreal, bizarre, funny, disturbing, unique… all of these words have been used to describe the stories of Mike Russell so put on your top hat, open your third eye and enjoy… Nothing Is Strange! 

“Nothing Is Strange is a unique collection of short stories that takes readers to bizarre places and lets them experience dreamlike situations that I have yet to read in other books.” Lit Amri for Readers’ Favorite

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“Nothing Is Strange is a solid collection of surreal and absurd stories. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants something unusual to read.” Cultured Vultures

“Amazing stories filled with bizarre, magical and extraordinary moments… I can’t even begin to explain how much I enjoyed this book.” Ruty

“This cover is kind of perfect, don’t you think?” Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer Cover Awards

Nothing Is Strange awarded Gold Star Award:


“Funny, quirky, bizarre and thought-provoking…” The Contemporary Small Press

“Prepare to have you mind blown…  Discover a strange and enchanting world… See behind the facade of everyday life… Strange and alluring… Unique and hypnotic… His use of imagery is striking and effective… He enhances the reader’s senses to the max… I strongly recommend that you check out Russell’s work.” EJMason

“This book is exciting, delightfully unique, with a skilful blend of mystery, passion and intrigue. If you are looking for something that is fun and different, pick up a copy of this book.” Al-Khemet Book Club

“Out there in a good way…while reading, I could actually visualise his bizarre characters and settings in my head and it was sort of like walking through a gallery of surrealist paintings… it is beyond cool, well beyond ordinary, and just so what I needed right now.” NancyO for Oddly Weird Fiction

“I could not put this book down when I started it. Some of the stories I read twice. This was such a fun, thought provoking book, I am going to be getting his next book!” Asriel Aquino on Goodreads

“Odd, barmy, touching and utterly brilliant.” Charlie Edwards

“The book has enough bizarreness to last a life time… I found myself filled with questions I have never thought before… This quirky, mind-expanding book is a definite must for anyone at all… If you’re considering buying the book! DO IT!” Tia at Goodreads

“Nothing Is Strange is strangely wonderful… Full of stories of realisation, enlightenment, humour and wonder… I’m sure Nothing Is Strange will become a classic must have for every book shelf.” SPretty

“Once again I have read a Mike Russell book and I am left agog… I honestly find it hard to describe my full feelings towards them without just gushing and gushing.” DonJimmyReviews

“A unique and truly original style of writing that captivated me completely from page one. From the very beginning it is clear that these are not your average short stories… The imagery alone is quite beautiful, but there is so much more below the surface. These are fairy tales for our modern times… I found myself slowing right down to luxuriate in the strangely hypnotic linguistic world that Russell conjures. It is written beautifully, awakened parts of my imagination that have long been dormant and will be on my mind for some time to come.” BookaholicBex

“What a great selection of shorts… Russell works away in the background like a mystical trickster… wonderfully evocative mind bending tales that draw forth rich imagery laden with heavy symbolism… a series of engrossing & entertaining pieces full of a refreshingly giving humour… extremely enjoyable to read & I look forward to more from this author.” Rebecca Gransden at GoodReads

“The book is well written… There are worlds woven within words. It is just one of those books that makes you glare at anyone who interrupts you. It is impossible to put it down before you finish it.  A delight!!!” Ankita Dasgupta for Chasing Euphoria

“This book truly proves that in the right hands a short story can be very powerful.
After you read this book, you will want to sample Mr. Spencer’s scones, join Harry on his quest, learn more about the Shining Flower (that story, by the way has one of the greatest fourth wall breaks in a book I have ever read), yearn for a love like the one between Brian and Bryony, and truly accept the fact that ‘Nothing Is Strange.’
You will want to read the stories over and over again… I truly enjoyed every minute of reading this book. I highly recommend it, and I look forward to what Mr. Russell has in store for us in the future.” Miles

“This is an amazing book, literally. It’s a maze of ideas, connections and images. Through an economy of simple, unadorned language, numerous new worlds are built with an unusually vivid visual power.” BHurt

“A wonderful feast of deliciously bizzare stories that had me hooked from cover to cover.” Francesca’s Reviews

“Highly recommended!!!!! Nothing Is Strange took me on a topsy turvy whirly gig ride into my imagination and then deeper still…I couldn’t put it down… This is a book I shall return to often and one that I shall buy for friends and family as gifts.” Mistimoss

“Mike Russell has an imagination like no other.” Megan

“Anyone who enjoys surreal literature and the tradition of surrealism will enjoy this story collection as a classic example of the genre. The mind and its preconceptions are twisted and inverted, shifted and challenged as reality warps in unexpected directions through each of these well-written tales. The writing style is simple, which allows the reader to fully experience the strangeness of each plot. I found myself taking a couple of days after each story to think it over. Very much enjoyed the book and will read more by the author.” Dan at Goodreads

“This book is filled with stories that will make your mind race and think amazing thoughts. I’ve read it multiple times and made my friends read some of my favorite stories. I don’t want to spoil anything for readers, so I am just going to say: If you want to read well-written short stories and as a bonus get to see the world in a different light read this book.” John Petrilli at Goodreads

“The experience of reading the book is like watching a good surreal movie…the author with true finesse develops a whole-encompassed world that dominates the mind of the reader even in the length of only a few pages… The works are truly noteworthy, because they have the ability to truly make the reader think…  I can totally recommend “Nothing is Strange” to the bored reader, the one who craves for something really different.” Martin Beltov for Codices

“A euphoric mix of fantastical, magical, disturbingly funny tales that challenge one’s view of reality. You’ll lose yourself in a world that will make you question whether up is left and left is backwards. Where dreams may be reality and reality ceases to exist. So take a break from your boring world and jump into this one where reality is but a ghost.” – Liliyana Shadowlyn, The Faerie Review

“The twenty stories are miniature narratives… well written and highly imaginative. Each story takes you on a journey where the imaginary becomes reality. Instead of reason we have imagination. In place of the banal we have passion for liberation. Instead of the ordinary, we have magic. By their very nature, the stories are freeing. They will take you to places within your mind you never knew existed.” Gerard Bianco

“The twenty delightful short stories in Nothing is Strange exist to display the fruits of imagination… We smile, we laugh, we say wow, and we enjoy the read.” JFCross

“Russell has managed to create a collection that has the cogs of your mind spinning so that your imagination can run wild with each mind-warping story.” E Fowler at Jump Into The Page 

“I would recommend this book to adults who like weird stories.”Lenita Sheritan Graves

“This book rocks!… Read this book especially if you like to travel to other worlds.” Ashley S Hart

“I was engaged and surprised from start to finish, the ideas and situations that the author has imagined are spectacular… I could not put this down and am looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next. Captivating.” Blackdruchii

“This book is hallucinogenic. I loved everything about it and the book cover is just perfectly designed for it.” Liselott’s Review

“This is a collection of bizarre, surreal, dreamlike and even parabolic stories. Wonderfully weird stuff! I loved it!” Jeff Barnes

“The stories are deep, open-ended, philosophical, funny and even downright spooky…I was in a state of constant wonder…Even after you finish reading the book, the stories linger on in your mind… I highly recommend this book.” Ravneet Kaur

“Captivating… Unique… A very good selection of shorts.” Ann Reads Them

“Nothing is Strange is an odd little slice of life wrapped up in 20 short stories from a very creative author… this book has a little bit of something for everyone.” LuJWhitley

“What I thought was going to happen… didn’t!” LBolto

Each story made me go ‘ooh’ and ponder the nature of the universe. I liked it a lot and found the concepts thought provoking.”  Madeleine Swann

“I would read anything this person wrote, and more than once. Loved it.” Mandy’s Reviews

“Mind bending, cleverly written, disturbing, funny and most importantly rather thought provoking… What really sets Russell’s writing apart for me is that he isn’t afraid to make things subversive and strange” Charlie Edwards

“Russell’s writing is simple and effective… I found myself pausing between chapters to reflect on each story and the food for thought it presented… leaves a lingering taste of the surreal. You may even find yourself noticing some residual strangeness in your own life.” RLJones for Muzzleland Press

“If I were a high school teacher, I would recommend it to my students. It certainly deserves to be read and re-read, to be studied and remembered. ” sandracvetkovska

“Haunting, beautiful, worthwhile. There are moments in this collection of short stories that are laugh-out-loud funny and passages and observations that are actually sublime.” Dean Edwards

“Not unlike a well-constructed poetry collection, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” JKintigh

“This is a smart, funny collection of largely surrealistic short stories. It’s the kind of stuff you need to approach with a wide open mindset but if you do, you will be rewarded… Smart surrealism.” Sloan

“Don’t believe the title. In this book, EVERYTHING is strange. And it’s absolutely marvellous… A kind of mix of Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone, but still something else altogether….A wonderful exploration of our reality through dream and metaphor, I can’t recommend this collection enough.” William F Aicher

“Nothing is Strange is certainly a very strange book, and I loved it… Never in my life have I read something like this before… if you like books that are weird and make you think then this is the book for you!” Lauren

“This book is fascinating. Strange short stories… Myths, which reveal a bigger truth.” Katja

“Superb collection of surreal stories challenging the concepts of reality, existence and perception. Mike Russell has a delicious imagination that moves fluidly and unexpectedly in all directions. Recommend for lovers of anything surreal or readers who enjoy pushing the limits of the possible.” Amazon Customer

“Saluting the quirkiness in everyone, I give Nothing Is Strange 5 stars!” Susan Berry

“Shocking, astounding, and unforgettable… Highly visual, this work is stark and thought-provoking…” DR Bennett

“I love this book! …A strange and unconventional collection… Twenty short tales to probe the mind… Enjoy the ride.” Challa Fletcher

“What a fabulous book! It’s the one I pick up before I go to sleep, just to help my dreams along. A collection of short story-poems written by a true artist. I won’t give anything away – I’ll just let Mike Russell take you on a journey through his own strangely wonderful imagination…” Joan Cook

“Short quirky stories of the weirdest kind. Highly entertaining.” Alison at Goodreads

“Inside this little tome is a big and bold selection of short stories… Refreshingly different and easy to digest… Nothing Is Strange is insightful, impactful and meaningful… check it out, get your mind blown” Stuart Simpson of Trust In Books

“Weird and bizarre stories that are strangely compelling… I really enjoyed reading something that was completely different and which stretched and twisted the old brain cells.” David’s Reviews

“Short stories that will blow your mind and challenge the way you think… I can honestly say that I learned a lot from Russell’s short stories and I can almost guarantee that no two readers will gain the same exact knowledge from this book. … Mike Russell has a wonderful way with words!” Kaylin Beach

“If you enjoy reading about all things odd then this is definitely the collection for you.” The Geeky Yogi

“I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with Mike Russell’s work, but I am! His books continue to be quirky and fun and so entertaining…It’s absolutely amazing reading these stories. And although they are short, they feel so incredibly deep and detailed. I couldn’t put it down.” A Bibliophile’s Book Blog

“Each story is so different from the last, yet Russell manages to create lives that only the most vivid imagination would even think to bring into existence…. One of my favourites has to be The Meeting. In fact, it’s one of the most unforgettable short stories I’ve ever read.” Jade’s Bookshelf

“The world building and sheer creativity of the stories was wonderful… I am particularly impressed with the standard of writing of the author, and can’t wait to read more of their work.” Jo Balharrie

“The cover picture is perfect, the title brilliant and the stories truly fascinating.” Books From Dusk ‘Til Dawn

“These stories are short and simple but so powerful. I was hooked.” Anita at Seraphina’s World

“Nothing Is Strange by Mike Russell is a collection of twenty short stories that bring the reader on inspiring, magical and unique journeys.” Joyful Antidotes

“Takes you to a whole other world.” Catherine at This Is For The Books

“EVERYTHING is strange in this book, and that’s what I loved about it.” Rachel Barham

“This book comprises of 20 strange short stories. It is definitely worth a look at, especially if you want something quite short to read but something really unique too! I found this book to be really strange and humorous. I honestly loved just how strange it was. It really got your mind thinking.” Books Are My Best Friend Reviews

“Underneath the oddities and beneath the bizarre, there is meaning” Bookshine & Readbows Reviews

“Surreal and playful… Stories morph and change in front of your eyes.” Wyrd Britain

“Strange and fun…It was difficult for me to pick which one I liked the most.” WriteWhereIRead Blog

“Full of stories of awareness, humour and wonder.  I can’t recommend this collection enough.” ReadersEnjoyAuthorsDreams

“It has a uniqueness that I’ve not come across before and that’s what makes it special. I’m still lost in the madness and my love of it.” FatCats&GoodBooks

“Twenty short stories grace these pages and I’d love to tell you what they are about, but it’s something that would need to be experienced for yourself. All of them seem remarkably transcendent… as if someone were to wake up after spending a lifetime in the monasteries of Tibet.” CatsLuvCoffee Reviews

“Totally (yet magnificently) bizarre. To put it simply, Russell has such a magnificent imagination, you won’t be able to stop reading. There are moments of wonderful literary genius in this collection.” One Word at a Time

“The author does a great job of balancing existentialist themes with preposterous imagery. If you’re looking for something unusual to read, then check out Mike Russell’s ‘Nothing Is Strange.” WeirdLouiseReviews

“This book was fantastic. Such odd, hilarious, bizarre, and eerie little stories… they were so well done and fun to read.” Iris, Goodreads

“The quality and tightness of the writing impressed me so much… due to the absolute precision of the writing, scenes and textures were set up so quickly. I really enjoyed reading this collection.” Becky M at Inkyleaves

“Hard-hitting and eye-opening. I recommend it to those brave enough to face the strange” Geek Declassified

“Readers looking for something outside of the ordinary will be delighted” Tuerlemot Reviews

“I could never wait to see what the next story was going to be. And I actually switched to other books to make this last longer. Guess I’ll just have to buy more Mike Russell books now that I’m finished this one.” John Braine, Goodreads

“If you love bizarre and want to be enticed, welcome to the world of Mike Russell. I really enjoyed these stories” Briar’s Reviews

“One of the most bizarre books I have ever read, and I mean that in the best possible way! Each story is unique in itself and truly pushes the boundaries… I am definitely intrigued to read more of Mike Russell’s work.” Jess the Bibliophile

“So unique and magical. I find it incredible how the author made the world seem so real and characters so interesting within such a short amount of time.” Books With Raven

“Beautiful and bizarre short stories… The strange worlds this book took me to were so vivid and exciting I’m giving this a big 5 stars! It’s not very often that you pick up a book of short stories and get something out of every single one of them! I will be checking out more from Mr. Mike Russell in the future.” The Bookish Hermit

“Fabulously odd. A place for the imagination to leap off from.” The Book Forager

“Nothing is Strange by Mike Russell was an absolute joy to read. Each short story has its own strange and otherworldly feeling to it. The stories are short, but so much is communicated so well in just a few pages. The writing is crisp, clear and every story is vastly different from the others. I floated through these weird, eerie stories in a dream like state. This will definitely be one of the books I revisit.” ThePageMantle

”This book is an experience!!!! Do I recommend it? Yes, a thousand yes.”⠀Books&TravelForever

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