The year is 1969. Astronomer Arthur Hart has two loves: his wife and the moon… that is until his two loves appear to become one. Mike Russell’s The Man Whose Wife Was The Moon is a magical novella. Filled with extraordinary imagery, humorous and heartrending, Mike Russell’s latest book is a passionate invitation to rediscover the moon in all its mystery and wonder.

“Such an enjoyable read. What happens next is always a surprise. A lovely tale. A charming tale. A sweet tale. However, Mike Russell’s The Man Whose Wife Was The Moon contains a number of hard edges… Treat yourself to The Man Whose Wife Was The Moon. You might gaze at the sky with more wonderment than you ever thought possible.” Glenn, Goodreads

“It’s powerful stuff and really gets you thinking. An experience like no other, the world of Mike Russell will always leave you yearning for more. Russell’s writing takes you to peculiar and magical places that you would never deem possible. He expands your mind and gets you thinking outside of the box… It is always a mesmerising experience exploring Russell’s world, to wander around and gaze at all the bizarre beautiful imagery that will leave you tranquil and at one with the world. You feel connected to something different, something unnatural, something strange. And it’s a marvellous feeling dear reader.” Bunny’s Pause Reviews

“You can’t go wrong with reading this book. It’s silly, funny, evocative and a totally unique concept. If you want to read something that is completely different from anything you’ve read before, I 100% recommend this book.” This Brilliant Day

“A short but powerful book. As the story unfolds, you’ll see it is more than a story about the moon, or the nature of reality, but also about the nature of us, and the relevance of the male and female sides of each person’s persona. If Rene Magritte had been reincarnated as a writer, he would have been Mike Russell. This book will make you think in the same way that a Magritte painting makes you think.” Jeff Barnes, Amazon customer

“I will never look at the moon the same again. Mr. Russell has created a love story I never knew that I needed. I have read all of Mr. Russell’s books, and I can say that ‘The Man Whose Wife Was The Moon’ is a welcome addition to the collection. His stories will never cease to amaze me. I never know what to expect from this Mike Russell, and I’m always pleasantly surprised. This book was no exception. I highly recommend this book to everyone.” M Holmes, Amazon

“Very deep, plenty of hidden meanings within the text and just plain bizarre and powerful storytelling!” The Bookish Hermit

“5 out of 5. An intriguing piece of literary fiction, The Man Whose Wife Was The Moon will stick with you long after you close the pages of this book. It’s a short read, but a powerful one nonetheless. Russell has a unique voice that shines through, calling the reader to expand their horizons, and dive into their own minds.” Liliyana Shadowlyn, The Faerie Review

“Great little novella and I’ll definitely read more of his work.” Fiona, Goodreads

“Such an entertaining read. With this author, I always expect out there stories and characters and this book did not disappoint! This story was truly amazing.” Books With Raven

“5 stars. Didn’t think I would relate so much to a madman’s hard-on for the moon, but here we are… the almost-purple prose was so nice to devour… the topic of femininity and masculinity was very interesting to dissect, it really makes you think about the purpose of life and the joys of it, the freedom to be vulnerable and loving and sensitive towards nature and towards other human beings.” Emily, Goodreads